AudioParameter versionHint in updated product - does this work?

We have an existing project build with JUCE 6 and no version hints in the parameters of course. Now we upgraded to JUCE 7 and got an assertion that we should set the versionHint to be non 0 for AU plugins. If we set this to 1 and release an update to our existing product, will this break automation in existing projects?
Also wondering why that assertion is only for AU and not for AUv3?

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I’m running into this same assertion on MacOS using the standalone PluginHolder.

does the MacOS build of the Standalone Plugin Holder load the AU build of the plugin and not the VST3 build?

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This should be safe as long as you don’t add any new parameters during the update. Any new parameters must have a higher version hint than any old parameters.

At the moment, there’s no way for us to adjust the parameter order exposed to the host by an AUv3 plug-in. As a result, the version hints don’t really have any effect in that format.

The standalone wrapper doesn’t load any plug-in. It is statically linked with a shared-code library containing all of the non-format-specific plug-in code. When this library is built, flags (such as JucePlugin_Build_AU, JucePlugin_Build_VST3) are defined, depending on the formats that are enabled in the project.

In the context of this question, this means that you’ll see the version hint warning in all plug-in formats (VST3, AU, Standalone etc.) as long as the AU format is enabled for the project. This is useful because developers are much more likely to debug the Standalone format than the AU format, especially with the out-of-process hosting changes on M1 machines.