AudioPlayHead isPlaying and Ableton

Seems to have just stopped working ... the track is definitely playing, but the isPlaying flag is remaining false.  Anyone seen this before? 

Trying to work out why right now... 

(Ableton 9.0.4, Mac: it's working fine on the PC!)

        if (CallHostTransportState (&playing,





                                    &outCycleEndBeat) == noErr)


Apparently this has stopped evaluating to true!


It's a direct call into the host - there's not much point asking on here why it's returning false - only the Ableton devs could really answer that.

I was starting to conclude that.  It stops my sequencer working through, which is irritating. 

The mHostCallbackInfo field is: 

  • transportStateProc    HostCallback_GetTransportState    0x0    0x00000000
  • transportStateProc2    HostCallback_GetTransportState2    0x0    0x00000000

I guess I can work out if it's playing or stopped by other means ... !


Okay - cured.  On the latest Live version ... hopefully that's a proper fix and not pure fluke.

Fired a bug report into Ableton to be on the safe side.