isPlaying returns false on AU

CurrentPositionInfo isPlaying returns false on AU but the VST version runs fine (same plugin).

Also I have encountered that neither the VST nor the AU version runs with the transport of MaxMSP. (isPlaying returns false here too)

Any thoughts?



It's entirely the host's responsibility to set that flag.

Thanks Jules. That's odd, how to continue here... ?

It's a question for the host developers, not me. The juce wrappers do set that flag if the host provides it.

I forgot to mention that I'm testing in Abelton Live 8 + 9...

and latest JUCE release 3.0.2

Well it's very easy to debug yourself and see what the host is actually returning:, line 608. Can't really see how that could fail, so I assume that the host simply isn't returning the flag correctly.

Oh, I already did that. As you can see on the jpg isRecording is also returning false...



Ok, so what do you want me to say? Nothing that the plugin can do will magically make Ableton return the right value. You'd need to take the matter up with them.