isRecording flag in Audio Unit


In my AU, it appears that the playhead info flag “isRecording” is always false, even when the transpport is in record. I have tested in AuLab and DP with the same results.

I looked in the wrapper code and it appears that this flag isn’t even built in to the AU spec.

Is this true?


Last time I looked, I don’t think there was any way of finding out that information in an AU. It works in VSTs and RTAS.

Hello, this is my first post here although I’ve been using Juce for a little over six months. I’d like to say thank you to Jules for creating such a beautifully well written and easy to use library. Also, thanks to the regulars on this forum who have already helped me out a few times without knowing it.

So, AudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfo::isRecording always seems to be false in RTAS plugins, even when the Pro Tools transport is in record. It’s set to false in JucePlugInProcess::getCurrentPosition in the RTAS wrapper and it doesn’t seem to be updated anywhere. Is there something I’m missing?


Bennie Cook

Hi, glad you’re enjoying it!

Usually when things like that aren’t implemented, it’s because the plugin format doesn’t support it - I think that’s true in this case too…