AudioPluginHost fails to compile on Mac as 64 bit target

Xcode 4.3 complains about “unknown type ‘AudioUnitEvent’” in . I see that the event-related code has just been added three days ago… strangely enough it compiles when building for 32 bit but not for 64 bit. I can’t see why…

Anybody else with this issue? Host developers, I know who you are… 8)

In at line 34 we have

#include <AudioToolbox/AudioUnitUtilities.h>
#include <AudioUnit/AudioUnitCarbonView.h>

The AudioUnitUtilities-include should be outside the if clause, otherwise 64 bit doesn’t know about AudioUnitEvents (I don’t think there’s a reason to only include it for Carbon apps, right) ?

You’re right, thanks! I’ll move that include…