Plug-in Host Problems on Mac

I am having some problems when using the Plugin Host from the tip (currently r676) on a Mac. When trying to compile using the amalgamated version of Juce I get 28 compile errors that all seem to come from AudioUnitPluginWindow, VSTPluginWindow and InnerWrapperComponent. I can post all the errors if this will help. They all seem to be part of Carbon support but I gather this is needed for VST support.

If I use the built version of Juce as the source it compiles but crashes into the debugger on load with problems stemming from juce::OwnedArray<juce::AudioProcessorGraph::Connection, juce::DummyCriticalSection>::operator[] at juce_OwnedArray.h:129

I don’t get these problems when using the same code on Windows, this is Mac only.

I can compile the host from 1.46 fine using both methods but want to be up to date as I know a few things have changed since then.

I am also having some problems displaying the UI’s of most plug-ins, they are not getting built, only the standard Juce UI’s with slider bars are. Some plug-ins also cause a crash when trying to show their UI although they work perfectly in AU Lab and Logic.

Any body else having these problems?

is this the same issue as here ?

Yeh, looks the same (only I have the AU errors as well). Still no fix for this yet then?