AudioPluginHost non-functioning menubar

I am new to Juce. Just digging into trying my first project. I built the AudioPluginHost on OSX, but unfortunately when I run it the menu bar is not functioning properly, unable to get to Options, for example. Some key commands seem to work, but I don’t know what they all are. Any idea why the menubar is not functioning properly?

It displays two menu items in the menubar, AudioPluginHost and File, but clicking on either one does not display any pulldownmenus.

I would like to get this working for testing, since I’m new to Juce I don’t know even know how to troubleshoot this, but anyway, maybe there is something simple I need to know about building it for OSX?

I think I figured out what is causing the problem, but I don’t know a fix. Must be a bug in AudioPluginHost.

If you change the plugin menu type to be based on directory structure, the menubar are lost. Only way to get them back is to delete the settings file or at least get rid of that particular property.

Anyone know if there is a way to correct this aside from updating the code for AudioPluginHost directly?

This has been fixed on the develop branch with the following commits:

I’m so new I didn’t even know there was a develop branch. Thanks for pointing that out I will check that out.