Plugin not showing up in MAC

I just can’t get any plugin from JUCE to show up on mac…

I’'ve built the develop branch of JUCE, I’m using a default audio plugin template with 0 modifications, and it builds fine but doesn’t show up in either Garageband or the demo version of Logic that I downloaded.

I’ve noticed in the output folder theres a .a file which is large (90mb) and a tiny little vst file (80k). Is this normal, what are these?

Would really appreciate any help this is driving me crazy :frowning: I’ve looked at the different topics and can’t seem to find anything clear to explain why this doesn’t work. Note i have no issues with windows, just Mac

If you restart or rename the file, does it show up then?

Wow i fixed it, this was subtle. For the record:

  1. I needed to make sure to build it as an instrument.
  2. Relevent piece from another article: *Note: This will be discussed later, but when JUCE builds from Xcode, VSTs are deployed to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST. On the other hand, some hosts default to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST. This is a subtle difference, but a headache
  3. Needed to clear the cache from the DAW as well as restart the computer

finaly, sucess! what a nightmare lol

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FTR: Thanks to @olilarkin there is now a workaround without restarting:

killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar

See here:


Oh that’s great, bookmarked for when I get to that point, thanks!