AudioProcessor in Audio App

How would I incorporate an AudioProcessor into my AudioApp

it currently runs on an AudioSource with getNextBlock etc

but I need to have the audio functions in AudioProcessors not in AudioSources,
however I also need to maintain the GUI that was created with the Component from the Audio App, if I can strip off the AudioProcessor functionality while keeping the AudioSource GUI that would be ideal as I put a lot of work into the current state.

AudioSourceChannelInfo is a simple wrapper around an AudioBuffer<float>, the start sample and the number of samples.

You can always just grab the buffer member from the AudioSourceChannelInfo and pass it into an AudioProcessor for internal processing.

Bear in mind that when hosting an audio processor, you’re in charge of it’s internal state. So it’s ‘on you’ to call prepareToPlay, set parameters, load preset, update the playhead if needed, and eventually call the processBlock() function.

How would I go about the audio processing? would the Main Component have to inherit from AudioProcessor and then I override the process block? or would I have to do something different?