AudioProcessor::setLatencySamples() disables automation in Ableton (vst & au)

I’ve ended up adding this on Sound Radix branch.

Would be nice if JUCE team could do similar on JUCE6.
Due to Ableton being picky, this adds ability to set explicit ‘intention’ of change.

Bonus: you can update preset name for deprecated VST2 :slight_smile:


Guys - can someone actually fix this in the main repo :slight_smile:


btw, our fix works well :slight_smile:

I did miss the hosting side so some audioProcessorChanged needed to be add to plug-in hosting and JUCE demo code. but our QA is happy and it’s nice being able to be explicit for what has changed.

We are also very much interested in a fix on the JUCE master!

Yes - please fix this. I can cross something off my JIRA if you do without patching JUCE again.

And as we all know, closing JIRA tickets saves kittens from dying.


Yeah we’ve observed this too. An easy fix would be great without needing to use sr’s branch.

If anything, Ed’s tab number has only increased in the last few months, so I’ve gone ahead and merged a fix. Thanks @ttg for posting your patch, I ended up going with a similar approach.