AudioProcessor::updateTrackProperties + Ableton 10 + VST3 not working as expected

When trying to use this callback in a VST3 to get both, the track colour and track name, I noticed the following behaviour:

  • When I change the track colour in Live, the callback returns me a struct with an empty name and the correct colour
  • When I change the name in Live, the callback returns me the new name and sets some transparent colour.

My question is: Can the VST3 wrapper do something about this? It’s quite annoying if I want to have e.g. a label in my plugin always set to the tracks current colour and name that is changed from that callback, but depending on what I changed last on of both values get overwritten with some nonsense…

If not, is there a reliable value that I can check for that marks a non-set value in the TrackProperties struct, e.g. empty string if no name is available and a specific fully transparent colour value in case no colour is available?