Get TrackProperties at plugin load

Hey all,

Been trying to get the track name that the plugin is loaded on. AudioProcessor::updateTrackProperties() has been working in Ableton, except Ableton only calls back when the track name changes.

Both Juce docs and the VST3 docs (Vst::IInfoListener) say that we’re waiting on the host to call back changes— According to that we can’t control when Ableton calls back, but I’ve seen plugins like izotope neutron get the track name on load, so it must be possible somehow!

Is there something I’m missing?

After doing some further research on this topic, I think the way that other plugins get the track name is through using the Presonus Plug-In Extensions; which appears to let you ask the DAW “what track is my plugin on” Instead of just waiting around for the DAW to tell you like in the default VST3 implementation.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet know enough about C++, JUCE, or the underlying VST code to implement it lol. The JUCE VST3ClientExtensions looked promising but I was having trouble finding examples on how to use it, and got the impression that I would have to spend some additional time actually understanding how the VST3 library worked.

Oh well, I’ll cross that feature off my todo list for now. I’m building an OSC sender and auto filling the OSC path with the track name would have greatly reduced user setup time.