AudioProcessorGraph ValueTree/Undo/state listening

I’d like to reflect the state of an AudioProcessorGraph with a ValueTree. Currently, all we have to work with when it comes to listening for changes to an AudioProcessorGraph is a ChangeBroadcaster callback which isn’t very useful for finding out when connections change, properties change, nodes change, etc. These could also be very handy if rather than using a ValueTree someone wanted to add UndoableActions to an AudioProcessorGraph.

Any way around this or possibility this could be added as a Listener class?

That would indeed be a nice thing to have - I think the audio plugin host demo pre-dates ValueTrees, otherwise that’s what it would have used!

Soooooo it sounds like I’m SOL then. Sounds like I’ll have to cook something up eventually, but since I only have a week before my first milestone I guess I’ll use a fixed processing chain…