AudioProcessorValueTreeState for a graph?

I’m preparing to update some code to use AudioProcessorValueTreeState to manage an app’s state (which may also become a plugin at some point). I’m already using a ValueTree to manage the app’s state. My app has an AudioProcessorGraph with a number of child AudioProcessors (no 3rd party plugins at this point).

Would the graph’s AudioProcessorValueTreeState also include the state of the nodes of the graph or would I need to manage those separately? My aim is to be able to save the state of graph as a preset.

I’m afraid not AudioProcessorGraph's getStateInformation does nothing at the moment.

Ok thanks, I was initially thinking there might be some clever graph traversal stuff going on but in my case it should be simple enough to collect all the child states into one ValueTree and use that in the graph’s getStateInformation.