AudioSettings Window in PluginHost not truly modal?

I’m trying to understand this. In the AudioPluginHost (Mac), the AudioSettings dialog you get when you double-click a filter is supposedly modal - but you can click and bring to the front other windows, move them around, including the main window, and cover up the modal dialog. Is this expected behavior nowadays?

Or is this the way modality works in JUCE? Used to be years ago modal dialogs blocked everything, but maybe I just haven’t noticed a change in my apps on the Mac. But if I bring up Excel right now, a modal dialog does not allow you to move around windows (I know, not a great example, but I couldn’t find any other modals at the moment…)

Secondly, a question: why is this window modal in the first place? All settings in there take place immediately, as far as I can see, so I’m wondering what harm it would be if it was left open.

Since I’ve implemented this same type of window in my app (AudioDeviceSelectorComponent), I’m not curious how this is supposed to work. Thanks!