Audioshare functionality for iOS apps


I’ve already discussed this with the JUCE dev team, but I’m putting this here as a placeholder.
From my experience of launching an iOS app a couple of weeks ago (SpaceCraft Granular Synth) I have had a huge number of requests for Audioshare functionality. Audio share is a highly respected and popular file management app in the iOS audio community.
For a great example of it in action, see Borderlands import function, so slick!
It would be awesome if Audioshare integration could be a built-in feature of JUCE for iOS apps, maybe included as one of the examples.
Note that it is already possible to access to Audioshare folder via the native iOS Files app (which I load asynchronously from SpaceCraft), but people are specifically asking for a more integrated functionality.


If you’re ok with going down into Objective-C++ it shouldn’t be too hard to wrap the AudioShare library yourself, within your app, or as a JUCE module (which could then be shared with the community ;)) IMO we should not expect the JUCE team to implement everything we need, but build it and share it if it does not yet exist and might be useful to others…


That’s a good point Adam, I didn’t mean for it to come across as presumptuous, it would certainly be a good opportunity for me to start learning objective-C :slight_smile: If I can figure it out myself I’ll definitely share it with the JUCE team!

The idea of sharing my own code to be used in JUCE(!!) would be a scary prospect but I might just go for it :wink:


I meant more with the community, i.e. here :wink: TBH such functionality which is limited to one platform is unlikely to make it into the JUCE library.


Looking at the docs, the API looks quite simple. All you need to do is put the Objective C code within a .mm file and method definitions in a header. See for an example of how to do this (ignore the Windows specific bits).

If you’re already familiar with C++ then Objective-C is fairly straightforward to learn (if a little quirky).


I know you’re the man when it comes to this sort of thing, I watched your native APIs youtube yesterday in fact. Once I have the other updates sorted I’ll take the plunge. Thanks for the advice.