Combining iOS Objective-C Code into Juce Code

Hey guys,

I have an analog wavetable synth in Juce. All UI is controlled in Juce. Pretty much the full working synth part is working in Juce. But I have a couple of other apps on the app store that are purely iOS and Objective-C. 

I want to use part of the code that is already written in the iOS version and import it to the Juce version. For example:

- Touch and Hold MIDI Learn

- Panic Button

- Latency Buffer Settings

- Background Audio

- RAM Display

- CPU Meter


How do I combine the two so that I don't have to re-write the code in Juce?

I've written an example project for mixing UI and passing data between JUCE and Obj-C / Swift:

There's also some helpful stuff on this blog post about mixing C++ and Obj-C:


If you take a look at the iosMainWindow files in the project that should show you how to get started. Please note my methods may not be the best way of doing it but what worked for me!

Thanks so much Adam...

Much Appreciated!

Are there anymore suggestios on this?

Your question is very vague.. Maybe ask more specific questions about things you're having problems with?

I made an analog mono synth in Juce and we used IntroJucer for the GUI, so everything is Juce based. 

I currently have existing iOS Apps with the following features:

- Background Audio

- Virtual MIDI

- Preset System

- Debug Mode

- Panic Button


I don't want to have to re-write this stuff in C++ with Juce. I want to be able to use my existing Objective-C Code to use with the current project. 


Well you can mix obj-C with C++, that's easy. Just stick it all in a .mm file.

Beyond that, I still don't understand what you want us to tell you (?)