Learning plan: Juce development for iOS

Hello everyone,

I’m soon about to learn Juce and want to start by building a simple app for iOS, I wondered how much knowledge of swift or obj-c are required in order to develop iOS application with Juce.

And btw, which one between swift and obj-c should be learned ?


Zero! That’s the whole point of juce, really. Do it all in C++.

If you’re a C++ user and want to understand how interaction with the OS works, then Obj-C is the way to do that, as you can mix obj-C with C++. It’s harder to mix Swift with C++ so that’s probably only useful if you’re writing a native iOS app using it.

Like Jules said, you can write the entire app in C++ with JUCE, and you basically get every other platform (including Android!) for free which is basically magic. The only problem is it won’t always feel native which only feels right for extremely complex apps.

If you want native UI widgets that interact with JUCE, you’ll need to learn Objective-C++ (Swift and C++ don’t mix yet) and call JUCE methods from their native callbacks. There’s also some edge functionalities of iOS that JUCE doesn’t touch, but under most circumstances you won’t need them.