AudioTrack + Plugin with multiple stereo pairs


Is it possible to host a te::Plugin with multiple stereo outputs on an AudioTrack ?
Are the extra channels available a separate, sub-tracks too ?
Basically just like LPX does it when you instantiate a multi-output instrument plugin.

The idea is to be able to add specific effects on these extra tracks and allow more advanced mixing.


After digging a little bit, it seems I’d need to wrap my multi-output Plugin into a Rack.
Is that correct ?

Yes, that’s correct, then you create multiple RackInstances on tracks to assign the Rack’s output channels to the instances’s stereo channels.

It sounds complicated but should be straightforward when you know what the end result will be.
We’ve got a new feature in an upcoming version of Waveform that does this automatically for multi-out plugins which would show it nicely but the above is basically what we’re doing under the hood.

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Perfect, thanks @dave96, gonna try this!