Hello Jules,

I’m trying to play several audio files thru AudioTransportSource. Some are in loop, some are playing, some are in stop etc…
But when I stop one of them that was playing, there’s some kind of freeze happening, with all tracks being muted.
I guess it could be related to the Thread::sleep (2); bellow ?

[code]void AudioTransportSource::stop()
if (playing)
const ScopedLock sl (callbackLock);
playing = false;

    int n = 500;
    while (--n >= 0 && ! stopped)
        Thread::sleep (2);


Any workaround ?


Well that method blocks until the audio thread has stopped playing, there’s nothing wrong with the way it’s written… If you’re getting a deadlock, then your audio thread must be blocked waiting for something. Surely it’s obvious to see what’s happening in your debugger?

I was calling stop() from within the audio processing chain.
Using a ChangeListener and ChangeMessage to trigger stop() works fine, so I’ll just use that, since I’m not concerned about sample precision here.


It is important to keep calling the transportSource.getNextAudioBlock(...) method even when the transportSource is not playing.

Not calling it right after a stop will cause a 1s freeze of the thread per sound to stop. In my situation I am playing 80 audio files...