AudioUnitPluginInstance doesn't support the new AudioProcessorParameter style

When I create an AudioUnitPluginInstance to host an AU plugin, I tried to call getParameters() on that instance to get the list of parameters. The list was empty although the AU (Apple DLS Device) has parameters. Looking into the source, it calls AudioProcessor::getParameters, but managedParameters is empty. 

So what's missing (I think) is in AudioUnitPluginInstance::refreshParameterList, call addParameter() for every parameter in the Audio Unit. Or is AudioProcessor::getParameters only supposed to be called from inside the AudioProcessor itself?

Yeah, we haven't added full support for parameter objects in the plugin hosting side yet, only for creating plugins. Will add it soon!

Thanks for the reply! It would be great to have this in the documentation because it can take some debugging to get to the root of it, but for now I can just use the old-style parameter API with getNumParameters etc. :)