FR: access to AudioProcessor managedParameters

AudioUnits can refresh their parameter lists via updateHostDisplay(), but AudioProcessor::managedParameters is private and there is no way to remove an AudioProcessorParameter.

see also AudioProcessor "removeParameter"?

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Tricky one.

For plug-in clients:
I think it used to be possible to modify parameters during runtime by simply changing what getNumParameters/getParameterName returns. Talking to Jules, this was never really the intended use of those methods - and that’s why you can’t do this with the new AudioProcessorParameter system at the moment. It’s a good idea to allow this but I fear there will be many obscure edge cases.

For plug-in hosts:
This will be more difficult to deal with currently. Do you have any code suggestions that would do this?

AudioUnits don’t currently use the new AudioProcessorParameters though do they? I can’t find any calls to addParameter anywhere…

I was only thinking about plugin clients. Making managedParameters protected rather than private, allows me to clear the AudioProcessorParameters and re-create them. It seems to work OK in Logic, not in in other AU hosts though (parameter lists don’t get refreshed).

Ah, from the client side I would imagine this is more tricky as there are probably more format specific calls that need to be implemented.

You’re also at the mercy of the host here. In our experience, there’s a lot of them that won’t update parameter lists or even names when you call updateHostDisplay.