Auto-close threads after 12 months

Since technical problems after a year need usually be looked into with a new perspective I wanted to suggest to auto-close threads after 12 months.

That way users would write their problem. Given that the codebase is changing constantly, I don’t think it makes sense to ask a couple of years about “having the same problem” without new information.

The user can still reference the old thread if they believe it is relevant.

Exception would be the Feature Requests, since they will be closed once resolved I guess.

Just for your consideration.


It’s a good suggestion. On the other hand, the current situation does allow the highlighting of things that perhaps SHOULD HAVE been fixed and never are…


Well, a topic that wasn’t bumped for a year probably wasn’t that important?

I understand, you might think of topics that were not answered by the juce team over a longer period, but I think that is a different problem that might improve once the JUCE teams recruiting succeeded :wink:

The bad is that it would prevent users to edit their old posts?
The good is that probably editing such old posts is not very useful (neither common).

There is already a warning message suggesting that to reply to old threads should be think twice. I’m not sure that restricting things just to avoid neglectful users worth the cost. I mean if the result is proliferation of already existing topic! That kind of users always find a way to irritate you. :wink:

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I remember having several times resumed year-old threads with new information and occasionally even fixes to age-old problems. I think that such an auto-close would be very counter-productive.


I have encountered some bugs and issues which stayed relevant more than one year, sometimes issues may get reintroduced too, so I don’t think auto-close is a good idea in general. There are also cases where people discuss possible workarounds for certain issues, which might become obsolete later. In case of bugs it would be good to mark stuff as “clearly resolved now” instead. The existing warning “you’re bumping a very old thread” is good enough imho.