New forum requests

A few people have said they're missing features that the old forum had, so just to summarise the main things that have come up:

  • Want email notifications
  • People don't like the extra title bar on each reply
  • Need to squash posts together to get more on screen (?)
  • Don't know how to do a search for all of your own posts
  • Search only matches complete words, not parts of longer words


If you have more things to add, please do so here, but no ranting or rambling - just short, positive and implementable suggestions please!

If the last post on a thread was a reply to a specific post then it can be hard to find it.  For example, if a thread has 5 pages and someone responds to a specific post on page 2, then there doesn't seem to be a way to view that post directly when navigating from the overal thread listing page.  It may be a matter of educating how to find these posts (or maybe I'm missing something obvious) but I'd suggest disabling per post responses and just sticking to standard chronological order behaviour.





actually, I'd further Graeme's post and request that the threaded reply feature be removed (I think this a code change to the module, not a Drupal switch, unless they changed it in 7).  Alternatively, threading needs to be a switch (replies ordered by thread or by post date).

The code view window needs to be either resizable, or default to a larger size.  Currently the window only shows about 10 lines, which makes reading longer code blocks hard.

Safari post editing seems to be broken again!

Maybe add med-grey sidebars/margins to the left of the post blocks to reduce the high contrast edge effect near text.  


FWIW, I'm pretty positive about the new site, and a little surprised by the vitriol.    


OT: clean URLs for topics?  That seems like a load of uncessary work for the database.  



Using the RSS, you only see the thread once so if you check it out and then someone answers, you don't get notified.

Previously they were a new item on each posts.

Please add a forum navigation option to see only "New" posts (ie. posted since last time you logged in) instead of or in addition to "New & Unread". 

Right now New & Unread grows longer and longer with posts that are intentionally unread.  Yes, one can use the "Mark all forums read" option in the Forum Tools dropdown but at the end of every session one must first navigate to the main Forum page, then find the dropdown... which makes an awkward UX even more awkward (not only do you need to remember to mark all posts read, but you have to navigate to a completely different page and scroll down just to get to the dropdown that lets you do this).

If it is not feasible to make a New-only option, then please at least make "Mark all posts as read" accessible directly from the New & Unread results page.

The forums should give us the ability to "select all" on code again!

And since JUCE is about code afterall; syntax highlighting! :D

In the old forum it used to show the number of the unread messages, it was quite handy since I knew if I needed to allocate some time to catch up.

1.- Too much wasted space, specially on the top, clear case of form wins function... don't like it one bit, for the website is fine, but a forum is a forum.

2.- Spacing on the posts seems really weird, ckeditor is nice, needs an upload image plugin.

3.- Font color and mood of the site is strange, now it's a dark place on the web, seems nice but content discovery should drop, perhaps a lighter font on the posts may help

I think I really, really miss the complete package of vbulletin, it was more appropiated for us devs, we are a little more hardcore than the avg usr.

Love the StringRef class.


The quote mechanism is obtuse, and non-intuitive.  Quoting is pretty essential and should not take experimentation and guesswork.


The 'save' button should be 'post' or 'submit'.  Next to 'preview' it almost seems like saving a draft for later review.

"order by date" search option

Unless I missed the functionnality, i think there's no "order by date" option when searching for posts.

I'd really like to see that, and that should perhaps be the default behaviour. It's quite annoying when you're looking for something and

have to go through 10 posts from 2005 before getting one with some up to date information

Put back the count of "Views"

Email notifications for private messages

Remove those ugly icons that follow every URL (see my signature for an example).

In the conversion to the new forum, my signature was truncated to 255 characters. I lost URLs which I can never recover now. Please increase the maximum number of characters allowed in signatures to at least 1,000 (so we can have URLs).



It would be great to add an RSS feed that contains one element for every post made, regardless of the forum or thread. An element should contain a direct link to the post in the JUCE forum. This way my RSS reader makes sure I don't miss posts.

I also would love to have an option to show only threads with new posts. This is how I browse the forum usually, looking for new threads / posts.

And finally add the possibility to mark a thread as read at the top of the thread display page. At the moment I always need to scroll down to the end of the page before I can mark it as read.

Is it possible to follow a thread (including email notification) without posting? It can be a "add to favorites" or something...



Anti-Spam !! 

Please this is a must.

Do you not think I've tried every possible captcha system!?

The current system where it makes you answer simple c++ questions works better than anything else I've tried. A spambot gets in maybe a couple of times a week now, and I usually delete it before anyone notices. I don't think there's much chance of doing any better than that.

with ctrl + v. Then it ends up outside the code window. You must use the mouse' right click menu to paste it. But I'm sure that's in the manual somewhere. Or considered intuitive...