Juce forum-related: following threads / receiving update notifications

Hi Jules,

my memories might be wrong, but I seem to remember that in the old forum, when new posts where made to a topic you started, you received an email notification, and you could also enable/disable this as wanted. Which is a very useful feature for a discussion forum.

Is that possible with the "new" forum too somehow?



I just added a drupal module to do this a couple of days ago - it's the "subscribe" button below the post.

Mmm, not seeing it here. Permissions issue?

Ah yes, I think so! AFAICT it should work now, let me know if it doesn't!

Yep, now I can see it.

OK, great! Thanks!


Two small things that bother me with the new forum:


- I keep having to log in once per week. The old forum kept sessions alive much longer than that.

- The forum search results are not sorted from newest threads to oldest threads , which is a by annoying (threads from 2007 are rarely relevant)

The sorting is indeed something that could be improved, I agree.