New forum not visually friendly

There's tons of wasted space at the top, and the ratio of user content to boilerplate is very low. The default "Filtered HTML" instead of "BBCode" is a pain in the butt.



filtered HTML doesnt work properly and it appears to re-scale images by a small amount for no apparent reason.




Well I rather like the new look! But I'll pass this on to my web-devs..

It's not that the "look" is bad, its just that the position and size of things makes it less usable than the old forum. Just look at the ratio of pixels dedicated to user content (the post text itself) to the total number of pixels. The previous forum was more "usable." To be honest I hate reading and posting here now.

The sever also appers to be a lot slower...


I don’t like the hard contrast between the black background and the white forground. It hurts my eyes. Only the Text should have high contrasts, not the environment.

I agree fully regarding the contrast. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it isn't right.



Also, really miss that all new posts come out bold.

The search function is a bit too picky I think. The phrase memorymappedaudioformat give no hits, I have to enter memorymappedaudioformatreader to find anything at all about memorymappedaudioformatreader.

It's actually a faster machine. But the old server was in the USA and the new one is in the UK, so maybe you live nearer to the old one.


Personnaly I miss the old "Show new posts" feature (maybe the name was not exactly) where it was possible to see ONLY the new posts since last visit unlike the "NEW & UPDATED TOPICS" which seems to show far more things (do not know exactly what). 

"New + Updated" is what I use constantly, and it does just the same job as the old one did.

Something that might help is if you clear the list, because I think when your old user accounts were imported, it probably lost track of which posts had been read, and will show them all in your list. Resetting the list and starting again makes it all work nicely.

...and I should say that to clear the list, you click the "forum tools" dropdown, and select "mark all posts read"


does the new forum generate email notifications of replies. I dont get any, but maybe it's not set up?


It's apparently possible, but not sure how to enable it.. Will be looking into this. now takes me 6.5 MB to get to here.  Why would that matter?  Well, because of BT (don't even ask) I have today had to get a wireless usb thing for the next month.  6.5Mb is 20% of my entire day;s usage, so I guess the Juce forum is going to remain unread for while.




I guess that's the screenshot carousel on the home page! Try going directly to the forum pages - there's no way they're that bloated!

My primary problem is that when i go to "new and updated" i get all posts that i havent looked at (read have not interest in looking at) since beginning of time(?). In other forums software it would show all postst that were updated or new since last visit and show them in bold.

Like I commented above, once you reset that list, the new/updated stuff works really nicely, and is very easy to see what's unread. I use it constantly all day, it's at least as good as the old system.