New forum opinion

Just wondering if y’all really think this new forum is an upgrade or better than what we had before? Scrolling on an iPad down a long thread is impossible… and navigation and UI are… well I won’t say the word that comes to mind… It’s a total click-fest to navigate.

While I know you don’t have php on your site – phpBB is such a better option IMO

Perhaps you can skin this?



Maybe you just need to get used to it?.. We’re all liking it a lot more than the old one, and I much prefer the responsive way it works to phpBB forums that I’ve used.

It’s also got a lot of features like flags, liking, etc that we think could be really helpful to everyone’s workflow once it’s more familiar.

The web guys are still tinkering with the styling though, so if there are things you don’t like about fonts, colour, layout, etc, then let us know.


Personally I prefer it to the old one but I admit it will probably take a bit of getting used to.
I’m sure there are tons of better features. Just typing this the text editor seems a lot better.

The main thing that bothers me is that it is a bit busy. I’d like to be able to turn off certain ‘panels’ to keep the forum a bit more minimal. I’m not sure that I always need to see need suggested topics at the bottom of every page, some that are years old but I can see how this would be useful for users who are searching for related information (if that’s what it’s for, at the moment it just seems to show me my posts…).

In terms of styling I’d like to see it divided a little more. Specifically because it’s new, having everything white makes it difficult to see where posts and nav elements start/end etc.

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It takes about 30 more clicks to navigate anywhere compared to the old forum – there are no navigation links anywhere… and the style reminds me why I hate the newer OSX versions since 10.8


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I think that the web guys are going to add more navigation buttons… We’ll be launching a whole bunch of other new website content over the next day or two.

The hamburger menu in the top right seems like a great place for navigation. It has links to latest/unread etc. and all the forum topics.

The biggest issue is try to scroll in a long thread on an iPad… On the desktop it’s a little laggy scrolling as well – but at least I can grab the thumb.

And on the Desktop in Safari when I started to type in this editor - focus was stolen away and I lost about half of what I started to type. I had to click again to get focus back into the editor.


I personally think it is a step into the dark ages.
Even the color scheme is not appealing and doesn’t have enough contrast…

It takes tons of scrolling just to find simple things and the whole forum seems very unorganized and displays way too much useless information.
Real Estate is valuable, don’t waste it.
Navigation takes way too many clicks. to navigate.
And finally as Steve Jobs once said, if it take more than three clicks to get there, you have done something wrong.

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I don’t know, I just tried scolling a long thread on an iPad and I think it’s great, especially if you use the mobile view (it’s available through the burger menu). You can just flick through everything with one finger, which is much better & faster than the old one where you had to manually click on a tiny link at the bottom to get to a separate page 2, page 3 etc. So definitely less clicks now than before!

just my 0.02$…

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I feel lost, but I probably just need some time to get use to it.
What I miss a lot is the dark background. this white one is quite burning the eyes.

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I like it a lot more, even the colours (more eye-friendly).
Sorting, searching and navigation is a lot better.
Finally you can sort and see the posts by date and/or by category.
Imho the old forum software was quite outdated.

Maybe just a matter of getting used to it?
Btw. did everybody recognize the burger menu and the fact that the coloured grapefruit always leads to forum home?

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@FirePlayer - did you notice there’s a jump list thingy at the bottom right which can help you scroll to the bottom?

I personally like it very much, the only thing I don’t like is the font, which doesn’t look very readable to me (the same is true for the JUCE API)

I like it. But please can we have syntax highlighting for code samples!!!


code in old threads got special characters converted to html entities… so x < y becomes x &lt y

Hmm… not sure about the search function. I just did a search for JUCE_DEFINE_WRAPPER_TYPE because I got a related error in my first build with 4.2, and the forum gave me 48 results but it seems that the expression I’ve searched for doesn’t appear in any of them…

I’ve enabled “force syntax highlighting” now… Should work for most languages.


I think the most useful feedback will come after a few days once we’ve all got familiar with the new setup. Otherwise it’s going to be hard to separate “annoying because it’s different” from “annoying because it’s annoying”.

My eyes sure would appreciate a dark theme.

Nice to see the old bar which used to keep scrolling into view has been fixed now.

It is a pity I’ve lost my old username (pi) … Looks like I need 3 characters.


Any way we can change our usernames on this new platform? The way mine looks on the new platform looks kinda gross (underscores + capital + lowercase). It was possible to do on the old forums (which was an odd feature I haven’t seen elsewhere).

Also, as pi said, a dark theme would be nice, and like yfede said the font readability is kinda meh (doubly for the documentation). Additionally, sometimes it seems that buttons hover highlight to be the same color as the text inside them which is strange. It also seems like there’s a lot of testing junk still lying around (topics, sections, etc). Otherwise, I personally really like this new platform. I don’t know where the mobile complaints are coming from, I tried it on my iPhone and it’s wonderful.

EDIT: It seems that overnight my profile and last few posts got reset/deleted. Ugh.

I’ve changed the settings so you should be able to change your username now.

When we had the old forum, everyone moaned about the dark theme! It’s basically impossible to please everyone! Most people do seem to dislike the font though (not sure why, I quite like it myself…) so we’ll maybe think about changing that.