Forum Request

Since I've been spending more time on this forum, and given I also spend a lot of time at work on Stack Overflow and similar forums like XDA Developers, I've been missing some of the features of those forums here, like upvoting/downvoting/"liking" questions and answers, quick way to give thanks to a useful post (XDA forum has this). I find these additions really useful in determing the usefulness of a post or thread, and it also declutters threads so you can thank or upvote without posting a comment. Also gives a warm feeling to contributors who make useful posts or questions, encouraging good contributions. It also helps to weed out unhelpful posts. 

Jules may or may not want this but thought I'd share my thoughts. 


I just want a better search tool. order by date please! and searching by username too 

Voting would be nice, sometimes you wonder if anyone is listening in here.

Actually, it'd be nice if there was an "read by Jules" indication :)


Some cosmetic things that need fixing:

  • the new & updated topics display now has a page title of "Access denied" despite being logged in and able to see the messages - this is a recent problem and can be seen on all platforms
  • the hello user message in the top right overlaps the message count if you have any unread messages - this only a problem on desktop browsers, it's fine on mobile

Subscribe option!

Yes - I know all these things! We've got our web-designers on the case at the moment, will be improving this stuff asap!

email notification? is it working for you when you subscribe change/comment on first topic item? doesn't work for me :-(