New forum not visually friendly

Jules stop fighting it. The new forum is less usable. Period, end of discussion. I know you have an emotional / financial investment in it but that's the fact. I've been a forum whore for most of my life. I know good forums when I see them. This ain't one. Other people are going to be either too polite or too scared to tell you what you need to know - this new forum SUCKS.

It's hard to find something with the new forum search engine. I would like to see some more infos like the date in the result set and the possiblity to sort the results.

ok thanks for the information.

I am now in a better mood with this new forum :)

I agree with TheVinn. The new website is very unfriendly and is hard to read. Why change it if it's not broke? If you had many complaints, then change it, if not, then leave it alone. Also many, many, users are familiar withe the old phpbb3 forum. In todays world, when support is handled through forums and not phone or email, then the forum should be extremely friendly and have good search routines and be a forum that users like. Put your users before your own personal taste.




I was much prefering the old forum. Probably I'll get more used to it in a few, but actually the black background really hurt IMO.

Also, I dislike the way individual posts are now "separated" and indented within a thread..


Mayb it's possible to get best of both world ? Or allow user to choose between various "look and feel"  settings ? 


It would be ideal if the Forum's concept of new posts reset itself every time one logged in (as the old one did) but if that isn't practical, would it be possible to have the Forum Tools dropdown appear somewhere on the "New & Updated Topics" page?

It took a while for me to realize I had to go to the Forum home page first, then look in the bottom right.

Go back to phpbb, it can be made to look like this forum.

Also email notifications are super important. I wan't to know when someone replies.

+1 . I came to read this topic for that exact same reason.

Apparently, there's a Drupal module for integratingphpBB3 directly into a Drupal website :

Seems to be in alpha stage though. 

Guys, we're not reverting to phpBB. Not physically possible, sorry. Do you really think we didn't investigate all the options before choosing this plan? Having some kind of phpBB-in-Drupal hack would have been a disaster, believe me. End of discussion.

I know my web-devs have been reading this thread, and probably not enjoying the hatred of their hard (and in my opinion very good) work. Hopefully they'll be able to suggest some small tweaks to mitigate some of your gripes. I'm sure a few minor stying tweaks would make it all less upsetting for visitors of a delicate disposition, and email notification isn't rocket science, so we'll make that happen as soon as poss.

Having some kind of phpBB-in-Drupal hack would have been a disaster, believe me. End of discussion.

Just to clarify, I was suggesting this as a technical solution to have phpBB in drupal. Didn't say it was a good idea to revert, and I'm perfectly comfortable to the new look (I actually like it better than the old one, different strokes for different folks I guess)

However, the "search beiing too picky"  and the "email notifcations not working" issues should be addressed by your webdevs IMHO 


Why does it have to be in drupal. Heck, make it a seperate entity just like storefronts are usually seperate. We don't care if it's drupal' we just want it to be useful. Apparently your investigation was not sufficient. Just listen to the complaints. It takes a strong person to admit they made a mistake. Anybody can make excuses to defend their mistake. Listen to your customers.

Btw, how do I view my posts, like the previous forum allowed?

I'm gonna be an ass-kisser here but i actualy like the forum, it works for me.


What is weird and might be causing data spikes, is that sometimes some posts (i can't tell witch ones and why) are renderd as images, you can see that the font rendering has scaling artifacts and you can drag the entire post as an image outside the browser, the image comes from the amazon cloud i think, is that some kind of feature of this forum that it caches the posts in images ? I think it's the weirdest thing i saw in terms of forums ever.


apart from that, works for me.

Ahem.. I think if you look at the author of those posts that are rendered as images, you'll see that they're all posted by hugh.

I know hugh personally, and I know why he does that - I'll leave it for him to explain it if he wants to. But I can assure you that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the forum!

i thought it was a feature that i'm just too dumb to understand.

I haven't used the old forum, but i agree that this could be much better. I think it's totally useless waste of space to show a nonsense subject above every single post. I've been reading a lot old threads lately. Many interesting threads contain several pages of posts. Having all this information presented in a bit more compact and more readable form would be huge improvement. My gripes should go away with a little styling. I don't understand why the horizontal space is not used for all the stuff thats now stacked above and below the posts. The text area is not too wide to be readable, thank you for that! But i have half of my browser window showing black. All the dates and stuff should go there.

Ok, thanks for your input guys - for the benefit of my webdevs I'm going to close this thread and move it to a less ranty and more readable one here:

Hi, sorry to bother You, it’s 4 days that I’m trying any possible clear explanation on how to put stuff into one simple code (eg. sinesynth tutorial) in order to improve it (adding IIR Filter, … assignable sliders and so on)… What is missed here, is a beginners area. Have a good day ! :slight_smile:

Thank You @yfede (sei italiano ?) :smiley: