Automatic full screen on 2nd screen

for one of my test applications (gui app) i want the app always to pop up on my 2nd screen in fullscreen, so i can see my console output and code on my first screen, if i’m currently working on a machine that has 2 screens. my code in the pluginEditor’s resized method looks like this atm:

auto& desktop = juce::Desktop::getInstance();
auto& displays = desktop.getDisplays();
if (displays.displays.size() == 2) {
    auto display2Bounds = displays.displays.getUnchecked(1).totalArea;
    if(getX() != display2Bounds.getX())
       return setBounds(display2Bounds);
// everything else...

now display2Bounds correctly yields the negative x value used to get to the 2nd screen and then recursively goes into setBounds() with those bounds. the application does gets instantiated in fullscreen, but on the 1st screen for some reason. i’m using a windows computer and i’m currently on the develop branch at the 25oct2021-build of juce

edit: it seems that even if i have setTopLeftPosition(display2Bounds.getTopLeft()) in that if statement it will not update the screen position, but only the width and height. i come to the conclusion that the screen position of the window is not defined by the top layer component’s x and y values, but then i wonder what actually defines that position and where can i find and modify it?

this should be piece of cake for a JUCE app. i can’t imagine being the first person who ever wanted to debug an app on a 2nd screen but for some reason i can’t find any other forum posts about people wanting to repostion their window to another screen, so pls help! srsly. i have some paint-code that i wanna debug atm, but if i keep having to drag the window away to see the results in the console it will cause more paint calls and make everything hard to look at