Automation curve activated/deactivated

There is some way to activate/mute an automation curve?

For example, just like Ableton, when an automation curve is created, it is no longer possible to manually change the value of the parameter since it is under the control of the curve.
However, if you try to change that value manually, the curve is deactivated ( all of its points are “mutated” ) and you can proceed with manually changing the parameter value.
It is then also possible to “reactivate” it.

Volume automation active :

Volume automation muted :

Take a look at


They allow you to set read/write for automation and set “latch” mode, etc.,

Thanks for your response.
I don’t think this is what i’m looking for just because it referes to the edit, and not to the specific paremeter’s automation curve.
I’m searching for something like that : automatableParameter->getCurve()->setEnable(true/false)

What I did is to create an AutomationComponent that shows the automation curve and allows editing.

Then, in my TrackComponent class

std::unique_ptr<AutomationComponent> automationComponent;// class scope

then, something along the lines of

automationComponent.reset( new AutomationComponent(editViewState, trackPtr));

Note that the above works in conjunction with the


as noted in my earlier message.

This works fine but for each automation curve… it’s the edit automation manager… i was looking for something specific for each automation curve.

For example, if i have 2 aut curve ( volume and pan ) and call edit->getAutomationRecordManager().setReadingAutomation(false); both volume and pan curve will be affected just like ableton does… i don’t know if i have explained myself.

@dave96 do you have any hints for this ?

We don’t currently support disabling of individual curves I’m afraid.
One of the reasons is that a parameter can have multiple sources of automation such as automation curves, Modifiers and Macros.

What we need to do is add proper automation modes off/read/write/touch/latch etc. then you’ll be able to bypass all parameter modification.

Thanks for the reply @dave96 .
Yes, that would be a much appreciated and useful feature.

When do you think it could be available ?

I honestly don’t know. It’s on our radar but I’ve got a ton of other higher priority stuff to get done before that. I wouldn’t like to make a promise I can’t keep…

You could have a go at adding it yourself and doing a PR, that would certainly expedite it.