Automations working with Bitwig but not responding in Ableton Live 8

Hi everyone,

I have seen a few topics about Ableton and automations but none seemed to be about the exact same problem…

I am using Juce 5.3.0, and I created several plugins based on these tutorials :
(using the AudioParameterFloat class)

(using the AudioProcessorValueTreeState class)

For both tutorials, the automations work fine in Bitwig, but get disabled in Ableton as soon as the automation value changes. It looks like the automation acts exactly like a GUI slider would : when a GUI slider is moved, the automation is disabled, and pressing the “enable automations” button in Ableton allows for automations to be effective again. With my problem, when I click the “enable automations” button, the automated parameters update in both my plugin editor and processor, but the automations are directly disabled again… I have to keep clicking the “enable automations” button to get my automations kind of working, which is obviously not desirable.

Any clue about what could be happening ?

There was a fix today:

Did you try if that solves the issue?

Indeed !

Sorry I did not see that topic which actually is about the exact same problem :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !