Avoid setting up the MSVC paths for every new project/examples

I’m currently trying to figure out Juce, and after battling some compile errors for a while, I finally got it working by adding the

…\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.24.28314\include

path to my build settings “System Header Paths”, however I have to do it for every project I try to compile. Is there a way to just add this path to some system-wide include pretty? I know how to do it on Linux, but windows eludes me.

Note that visual studio includes it by default, the errors are only in the projucer.

Just don’t build using the Projucer. That build system is not very solid.

Use Visual Studio for your builds and the Projucer as a project management tool.

Oh I don’t use the projucer for the actual building, but the constant build errors are annoying, and I think interfere with the project generation? I haven’t tried since I fixed it, but I remember it was a pain.

I think this is rather a flawed installation of VS. I always leave the default SDK and never had to manually add include paths in VS to make it build.

Check, which is the default SDK for that VS version (2017 or 2019) and make sure it is installed in VS (I’m on mac ATM, so cannot give the exact numbers).

Damn, I thought I got it right. I use Visual Studio 2019, which builds fine on its own. However the Projucer displays “memory file not found” and “except.h file not found” errors unless I include the aforementioned path.

I’m not sure how to get the VS default SDK, but the Projucer default SDK is 10.0.16299.0, which I have installed, as well as two more recent versions.

Edit: I found the default SDK in the VS project settings, changing it from “latest available version” to 10.0.16299.0 did not prevent the compile errors.

Where do you get this message, can you attach a screenshot? This sounds like a compile error, however normally the Projucer should not compile anything. Or are you trying to use the live build engine?

As stated it is a compile error, caused by a missing header, in the Projucer build window.

If that’s the live build engine, so it is.

I’ve checked, and those errors do not in any way prevent a VS build, but damn they are ugly.

The live build engine is so unstable for us, that we’ve disabled it. We’ve tried to use it to design UI elements, but it crashes after a few seconds, so it’s completely unusable for us.

Well I’ve had no such problem yet, but glad to know it’s not supposed to be the default option.