Backwards compatible?

I have created quite a complicated interface with loads of nested jucer components. This was working ok with the previous version of the Jucer but now that i load those files in Jucer version 1.39 it does not correctly recognize the jucer components that were positioned. It just does not display them even after pointing to the Jucer file again.

Also when I place a viewport (with a Jucer content component) on a component that i originally created with an older version it does not create the MyViewport->setViewedComponent (new BlahComponent()); code.

Only if i create a new component and add a viewport is this code generated correctly.

Please do not tell me i should recreate everything with the new Jucer!

It could just be that the way it stores references to other files has changed to use relative paths rather than absolute ones… I’d expected it to be backwards compatible, but you could try having a look through the xml in your jucer files for filenames, and change them to be relative paths.

if i recreate a component with a viewport that contains a jucer component with version 1.39 then it works fine and the full path in the xml is stored.

  <VIEWPORT name="new viewport" memberName="viewport" pos="48 32 288 160"
            vscroll="1" hscroll="1" scrollbarThickness="18" contentType="1"
            contentClass="" constructorParams=""/>

but with the file created with an older jucer it stores a relative path (and it does not work)

  <VIEWPORT name="layers Viewport" memberName="layersViewport" pos="280 0 284M 336"
            vscroll="0" hscroll="1" scrollbarThickness="18" contentType="1"
            jucerFile="LayersClipsComponent.cpp" contentClass="" constructorParams=""/>

But it’s the new version that stores it as a relative path - the old version would have written a full path (?)

yes it is initially created with an older jucer and now that i,m editing and saving it with the new jucer it goes wrong.

So you’re saying that if you edit it with the new version, and save it, then the new version fails to open it?