Reports after evaluation of Jucer

Dear Jules,

Finally, I registered this forum… :wink:

I have multiple questions for jucer.
when I evaluated the tool, I found something which looks like bugs.

  1. adding new Jucer component for a the other component.
    jucer could pull the target component, but I thought that it should be scalable.

  2. adding new viewport in a new component.
    Jucer pull the target component, but it dosen’t come up with “test component command” and dosn’t generate source as well.
    it generates only view port component without included component.

  3. drawing line with Path.
    when I draw a line with Path component in order to show stream path, I deleted one poinst and kept only 2 points, but moving with mouse drag function, the component stuck on screen boundary because position information was reset with “0”.

I didn’t have chance to look inside jucer, so could you fix these ASAP ?


Hi there

Sorry, can’t figure out what you mean in your first bug report there! I’ll take a look at the other two though, but maybe try rephrasing the first one!

3 reported issues are different.

  1. when you choose a menu in jucer
    "Edit -> Add new component -> new jucer component",
    you get a new component in screen, and you choose a file in component property menu to include the file in the component.
    basically, it works well, but I expected that the integrated component should be scalable when you change the bounds of the " new jucer component" because the main purpose of the component desingn could be supporting unsupported component like custom service.
    if it is not support the scaling function. it is same with viewport function except not providing only scroll bar.

  2. “Edit -> Add new component -> new view port”,
    jucer generates new view port, and when you choose a file in the component poperty menu, jucer bring the component.
    it works wll up to this action, but when you try to see the result with “View -> Test Component” menu, jucer dosn’t show the brought component at all. further more, when you try to save the file, if you check the result, the file dosn’t have integrated component relevant sources.

  3. In order to draw just line with Path by choosing “Edit -> Edit background graphics -> Add new graphic element -> New path” and delete a point from triange point, then you get only 2 point in the Path component, and activate "outline enabled " flag in the component property menu, then you can see a line in screen.
    it works fine up to this time, but when you try to make flat vertical or horizental line, and drag the line to adjust somewhere, it suddnlen stick in the top or left side because parameters for position of the component was reset.


ok, thanks, I’ll look at that soon.