Base64 encoder

I kinda needed to serialize images to XML files and back to images, so base64 was my choice, i wrote a small tool if someone would like to do that too.

the source is here
binary for win32 is here

just show it some file and click encode (the built in text editor will only show the first 1mb of data, more then that and you risk freezing your computer for longer then you’d like), you can change the limit in Includes.h file.

hope it works for you.

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i always use base64 command line app…

no mouse clicks involved and you can encode all files in a directory with a single command :slight_smile:

and you can do inline things too:

cli on windows is a nightmare, if it was linux i would’ve used <?php base64_encode ($argv[1]); ?> that’s what i always use,
but it’s windows and i needed something gui for other people, so that they can create SKINS easily.