base64 encoding algorithm in memoryblock is wrong?



I tried to encode a string to base64 one.
This is my procedure:
string -> memoryBlock -(toBase64Encoding)-> base64 encoded string

I got a trouble from base64 encoding function in memoryBlock.

I read a source code (which I got from svn trunk on Feb. 27), I could not completely understand what is done in the function, but I think it is not usual base 64 encoding algorithm.

Is it a misnomer?

best regards,


Well no, it’s not a standard algorithm, but it is a base-64 encoding, so it’s not a misnomer either! I originally wrote it just as a quick way to store things internally, rather than for working with standard formats, but I agree it’d be handy to have a proper one as well.

Cannot decode base64 in MemoryBlock from e.g. python base64 encoder

Thank you jules!
I understand.

#but I wanted “normal” base64 encoding algorithm for my app to communicate with some web services…