'standard' base64 encode/decode?

I see that MemoryBlock has ::fromBase64Encoding() and ::toBase64Encoding(); unfortunately, they seem to be JUCE specific implementations in that they prefix the strings with a length.  Before I go looking for another implementation, does JUCE offer a non-length-prefixed base64 encode/decode? I couldn't find one, but maybe its there and I missed it.


I've meant to write one of those for a long time, but never quite got around to it! Probably quite trivial to find some code out there that will do it though.


I've been looking, so many of the samples are followed-up by comments that read like "you don't handle the case where ...", or "there is an out-of-bounds error under this condition...", so I don't have a lot of faith in them.  And for the most part, I dismiss the ones who's encode methods do not accept unsigned char[] (many only use char[]) as I don't want to deal with a sign-extension problem that they didn't consider.  And the reverse is true as well, decode should return unsigned char[], not char[].

I think I found a legit one, but, of course, it has an odd behavior in that it wants to insert '\n' every now and then for 'readablity'.  I'm working on it now.

I've been working with a port of this..




..unfortunately not ported to anything to be of any use to you but it might be a stable reference point.