Basic Spectrogram analyzer / looking for Developer

This would essentially be a 2D spectrogram- FFT settings, speed, colour, and being able to hover over the spectrogram to see the volume of any area.

Hi John,

Check Daniel’s (@daniel) site, he offers stuff like this and has very acceptable license terms.


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I will look into this ! Thanks Peter

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check out juce’ fft tutorial:

it’s not the most beautiful spectrum analyzer you ever saw but it shows the basics and you can work yourself up from there.

also check out this open source juce plugin, with a truly magnificient spectrum analyzer. i read the code a bit though. very complicated!

Looking for a developer who can integrate these things - hence the post but thank you for some insight to the process. Maybe someone who understands the developer side can take advantage of that

oh oops, didn’t see this was a job ad. well, still a little too big for me though :slight_smile: good luck