Beer-money JUCE: noobie will pay mentor $20 per question


I have a one-off need for JUCE for an educational project I have in mind. It’s a software interface for a pedagogy I’ve successfully used with both children and adults. The pedagogy would require relatively low latency in playing short audio files. For this and other reasons, JUCE would be the right cross-platform approach.

It’s a relatively simple programming project design, from what I can tell beforehand. No AI, not graphics-intensive – none of that. The sophistication is in the pedagogical content, and in student interaction in the company of an adult.

However, I’m a user, not a developer. Bash scripts are about my speed. I’ve done a small amount of console-based c++ for my own use only. Intermediate JavaScript. That sort of thing.

So JUCE, not unexpectedly, overwhelms me.

I need a JUCE expert to help me do simple JUCE things without blowing off my leg, and without requiring weeks of me poring through source and the API, waiting for the Eureka! moment where it starts to sink in. At the moment, I can’t even do simple things like play a soundfile. I need little hints, clues, and basic generic code to get me started and to help me as needed.

So if you enjoy forum-posting but would also enjoy getting paid a little bit for what amounts to private forum posts, this might be for you.

Here’s my proposal for piece-work JUCE.

  1. TWENTY-DOLLAR RULE. I ask a question. If you can answer it (with code or words) for twenty bucks, then done. Otherwise, you tell me it’s too big a question, or you suggest a refinement to the original question that you can answer for twenty dollars.

Sort of an uber-simplified extreme programming.

  1. LEGAL. I hate legal, but my brother the business attorney taught me to never ignore it, so let’s get it out of the way plain and simple. Your work is done as an independent contractor. You assign all rights to me. I agree that there’s no warranty at all on your work (MIT-style non-warranty). We sign a non-disclosure. I have a nice simple standard form that I like that covers the bases, but you’re welcome to suggest anything similar.

  2. OPEN-SOURCING. If you and I both agree in writing (for each particular case) that, after both question and answer have been written, that it’s OK with both of us to post my question and your answer in a JUCE forum, then I’ll do so. These q/a noobie resources may attract more noobie users to JUCE. A Good Thing.

So: this is not ‘employment’. It’s essentially private forum-posting, 5-15 minutes of easy-for-you JUCE expertise you could fit in here and there, once in awhile, for beer money and to help. Legit, short-and-sweet, but occasional and finally done.

Private Message me. Your inquiries (or ‘enquiries’, for Jules’s side of the world) are very welcome, and all will be most courteously received.

The more sensible thing to do is just ask your question in the forum. More than likely, at least one knowledegable person will answer. The beauty of this approach is that anyone who visits the forum in the future can benefit from the answers.

What a great idea. Maybe you can commercialize it? :wink:


  1. give your buck to ( or others ) each time anybody takes few minutes generously for solving your problem.
  2. consider to donate to authors of free open-source projects that you often use.

My 2 cents.

love it.