Class of 2020 new Jucers

I’m looking for a small number of newbies to code with (each working towards our own stuff, but collaborating on learning/trouble shooting). If you are starting anytime between Jan-Oct 2020, please feel free to jump on this thread or message me. OR if you are highly experienced and want to mentor some newbs, would love to have guidance/direction from your experience.

Primary Goal: speed up our learning, provide some structure, review, knowledge sharing and add some friendly accountability to goal setting. This will be much faster than if we all wander through the wilderness on our own.

Secondary Goal: It’s always good to generate professional networking w/in a technical space.

My approach to this has been to choose some base level of application and build toward that through demos / tutorials (consume TheAudioProgrammer’s youtube stuff).

What I would like to do is work with a group going through the same learning curve from the ground up, do virtual meet ups to discuss specific areas we are respectively working on and go generally deeper on areas where we run into trouble.

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Hey Andy, I’d be keen to join as I am struggling with it all and would love to share what I’m learning and learn more from others.

I find the tutorials by TAP and on JUCE Tutorial site are really good for learning stuff in isolation but as soon as you need to string a few things together, the tutorials just don’t cover it. E.g. scenarios like:

  • How do you play multiple tracks / sounds at the same time
  • How do you play and record at the same time

By way of background, I’ve been a part time web developer working on Angular and NodeJs websites, and spent a bit of time in Wordpress land. So C++ programming is fairly different and a whole lot of new stuff to learn like scoped pointers, locks etc, that’s just not that common in web programming.

What’s your background?

I was a coder a long time ago and only in C/C++, which is fine for JUCE. Some of the C++ 11 trips me up, but it’s all with the territory.

I’m not currently strong on higher level math so FFTs and the likes are beyond me… and that’s probably ok, because there’s enough around buffers, transports etc to fill my time.

I’m actually working on similar problems as you mention. Soon I’ll need to confront the device sampling issue where the mic/speakers have different sampling rate. The device selection pull down pukes on that.

How much time are you able to give to Juce? I’m psueudo retired so I can basically bang on code all day. I’ve set myself on the goal to publish a basic app (podcast mixer/publisher) for PC that I could put out there for use with a light commercial wrapper so I can say I worked on an actual shipping app.

Hi Andy,

Looks like you will have the time to dedicate to JUCE dev, which is great. I work fulltime and have a young family so won’t be able to dedicate more than a few hours a week to actual dev time.

I will do a bit of research and reading on my phone in between. Hoping all that will get me through. If it all gets too hard, I’ll look to partner / hire someone in a few months.

P.s. checkout the next release of JUCE, its got a few more DSP effects built in like Reverb and Chorus :slight_smile:



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I’m down for this. I’ve never had any formal training, so don’t really know what the best approach to competency is. Never been involved in a study group.

I’m reasonably comfortable in all the skills (C++, JUCE familiarity, audio snythesis and DSP) But not actively working on anything at the moment.

I’m happy to help someone solve a problem, in helping others I get to see where my own weaknesses are.


Awesome. There’s a +1 that also messaged me, so this could gain traction. Here’s my thoughts on Connecting/Helping each other out. I’m a dinosaur so feel free to propose better or less convoluted.

Post your project description / functional requirements on a FB page (and/or GitHub if that lets you do a lot of journaling/requirements drafting) specific to your project that other Class of 2020 Jucers can see and follow progress on. Journal stuff like code problems etc there and link to from (here?). If need be I can centralize a FB group (or we can use this thread) so followers can see progress /answer questions / provide suggestions. The FB/github page gives you a big space to talk about your project.

I have no desire to siphon traffic off of the forum, so if there’s a way to keep it on here- great.

I’d say facebook is bad choice for this sort of community…

Reddit’s fairly god IMO - there’s already a JUCE subreddit which doesn’t get much use - would be nice to see some more folks over there. It’s easy to separate different topics since everything’s discussed in it’s own post, and any off-topic banter is easily lost below useful comments that get upvoted by other users (something this forum very much lacks IMO, linear comment threads are awful).

Discord seems to be the go-to for building communities these days but I’m not a fan personally. TheAudioProgrammer has a discord channel which is quite active - although last time I checked it out it was too active for my liking - almost every question gets asked in one channel so if multiple people need help at once, everyone is talking over eachother and it’s impossible to follow.

This forum is definitely one of the best places for new-comers anyway. It can seem a little daunting at first since a lot of the active threads are often talking about very techincal, niche topics that new-comers would be completely clueless about. But there’s several great people on here who are always eager to answer questions, even the most basic ones.


I agree FB for a central point would be “yet another” place to watch when the juce forum is already here. Until there’s too many of us, might as well keep it on this thread (at which point maybe the forum would give us a category ;-). I’ve popped into audioprogrammer’s discord and had the same impression. Mainly I want to bang on some code towards a slice of functionality, post/share/ show specific issues (like the sample rate issue on in/out device selection) and get back to it.

For each persons project— start with anything goes. Personally I do like FB for each person talking about their project as it’s pretty easy to create a page, post video etc and not get lost in a million other posts and also allows for continuity specific to an individuals project. Just provide Link from here and/or follow /not follow. I put a video up of my project and current status using the free game bar app in windows.

Once I’ve got more code that is my own (and not just stitched together demos) I’ll for sure do a git hub, but at present, this is just a bunch of franken-demo.

I’ve noticed a few passers through on this. I’ve been sort of stumped on integrating tracktion and then life happened for a few weeks. Back on it now - though life is making time to hit it more limited.

Hi all,

I have finally come to a problem I can’t solve using existing tutorials and forum. If anyone can help that would be great.

Hi Arifd,

I’d like to take you up on your offer to help solve a problem for others. I would love any guidance for the below forum question.

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Hi Arif, Thanks for your response. The link you sent certainly pointed me in the right direction, and I have a solution. See:

Hey everyone!
I just joined the forum and saw this post.
I have been working as a full stack Javascript Dev for the last 3 years, but have been a sound engineer for the last 15 or more.
It’s always been a dream of mine to make my own plugins to write music with.
I would love to pair program or mob with any other newbies to get across C++, and just excited to meet more of the community.
If anyone wants to connect shoot me a message.
Bigups all.

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled upon this thread today and I’m happy I did. I started programming a few years ago, using VBA and Python, to learn a new skill. I started studying C++ sometime last year, but I am fairly new to using the Juce framework in a productive capacity, but I think its a great framework to use to help me learn c++ and write some of my own audio apps. I already own quite a few plugins from top developers, but I’ve started working on a project that I’ve been thinking about for a while now and it will be great to bounce ideas and problems off of like minded individuals. Likewise, I will provide any help that, so feel free to reach out. More brains are better than one!

Hey @dysphemic, what does full stack really mean? I see it everywhere now, and to my understanding, I guess it means you can build a front-end in HTML/CSS/JS and it can talk to a server somewhere on the cloud (that you also programmed yourself). Could you elaborate on it a little bit more / correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks

Sorry, I’m somewhat late to the party. This sounds like a nice idea. Have you thought about creating a github repo for this? Each member could have their unique branch. The issues page could act as a forum for discussion. Just a thought.

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Hi arifd, full stack is indeed as you suspect, it’s the combination of both front-end and back-end technologies, front-end is facing the user with html/css/js that is is running in the browser, back-end is facing the server and is typically php/js… database…etc
Full stack is I think a term that came about with the newer web technologies such as Angular, React, Vue, which are basically JavaScript frameworks that can work on both sides… It used to be that JavaScript could only be executed locally in the browser, but that has changed. The full stack approach typically solved one big problem and that is that it could work asynchronously, where “older” tech such as PHP, ASP… could not (or at least not easily…)

Thank you, and one more question (sorry for derailing the thread)

What is a ‘database’? I think it just means data storage, so for example, the login details of the users on your site, maybe blog/news articles are stored on the database, and JS pulls it into the DOM, rather than it be pre-written into the HTML? And if that is what it is, Do you ever find yourself writing your own database app? Isn’t that what stuff like PHP is? A framework for you to write the API of your database? How are the results returned, typically JSON? Why isn’t a database simply managed by a shell/ssh? You log in to the site… You’re actually logging into an account on the server?

Thanks man!

A database (means usually relational database management) has to govern for certain situations like atomic transactions, access security and much more. They are postulated in Codd’s 12 rules

Often you don’t need a full dbms but just a simple storage with a few of the mentioned qualities.

You’ve got the basic idea. A database is indeed the data storage. In the web world this has traditionally been MySQL, but for simple stuff you could also use flatfile data storage (xml files i.e.)
PHP talks to the MySQL (or SQLite is also sometimes used) through a driver, it retrieves the records through SQL queries, and it then prepares the data (through loops etc…) and sends it off to the front-end (html, js) where it is displayed in the dom to the user.
PHP is just a language heavily based on C, and it is used to manipulate data, either incomming or outgoing.
I’m hopefull that with my experience in web development, the jump to JUCE won’t be very hurtfull :slight_smile:

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