Best approach for pop up messages and forms

Hi, I am currently struggling to find a good solution for generating pop-up messages that require user input.  I was wondering if anyone can suggest a better approach?

I have looked at the DialogWindow class which seems fairly flexible. However, as I am developing an audio plugin, I did not want to generate any external windows.  For this reason, I have opted for using a translucent component to block out the GUI underneath a message box style component on top.

I have managed to implement a working pop-up message class asking for text input with OK & Cancel buttons.  However, it seems that I will need to generate several different classes to generate all of the different message & user input/forms that are needed.

Has anyone found a good way to implement a range of different pop up messages and forms?  I can't help feeling that there is a simpler way to do it!



Using a DialogWindow is fine. just add it as a child component of your pluginEditor.

Ahh ... I can use "addToDesktop = false" in the constructor.  That seems like a much better option!  Thanks!