Pop up window for vst

I need a pop up window in my plugin for some not so important GUI elements. I looked at the document window class but not sure

if that class was designed for plugins? If not, what option do I have for that matter?



I would advise against poping up any additional windows in a plugin, it's just asking for all sorts of problems.

If you need alert window like behaviour the simplest thing to do is just show another Component over your plugin UI with a nested AlertWindow type dialog and darkened overlay which blocks input to your main UI until the alert is delt with.

When you say you need a window for some "not so important GUI elements" what do you mean? If these are just parameters that don't get used often, put them in a different screen in your plugin, maybe using a TabbedComponent. You can't really have multiple windows floating around for your plugin.

Hey I am also looking for a similar effect. what is the best way to go about doing this?



The best way, and pardon the sarcasm here, is to read the previous post by Dave?!?  

Define your overlay dialog component as the others maybe on the stack and switch it to visible if you want to see the dialog. You maybe disable parameter updates in the background when the dialog is open and refresh them when you close the dialog. I had some repainting issues that blocked the UI when Components repaint in the invisible background (for example when you have some automation by the host).