Best fonts for VSTs

Which fonts do you use for your VSTs? I see how choosing a great font helps make a GUI look slick, but the only really good font I have found so far is Roboto.

What do you use?

The one that’s the slickest looking for me at the moment is the Mac system font! But sadly not available for Windows. The devious machines products are using Rubik.

“What the font” is a great way of identifying the ones you like in other plugins.

I’m using exo2 in my own plugins.
Roboto features heavily in the plugins I’m freelancing on. :slight_smile:

Worth noting that not all free fonts are free for embedded use.

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Rubik is nice.

Exo 2 is pretty cool. Much more “attitude” than Roboto (which I find is very similar to the Mac System font?).

We use Arial because it is always present on both Mac and Windows.

I have a bit of a problem with ‘futuristic’ fonts like Exo 2. For me they conjure up a view of the future that was forked from reality in the 1980s! Turns out the future wasn’t angular and italic but actually very elegant and balanced. And that in the end computer bent to our designs rather than us to their capabilities. And some of the futuristic fonts end up at best looking like car adverts :slight_smile:

My next plugin is a porsche :neutral_face:


Hi, rasmus_b I don’t use VSTs yet, but if you are looking for some great fonts for your VSTs the I will recommend you to use: Here you can find unlimited font very easily.

I’ve used Futura Medium.ttf before it reminds me of the one used on the Moog One (mainly because of the tall 'f’s)
But to be honest I’m always looking for a fully featured font with all the additional characters like Cyrillic, but they tend not to be free. Thankfully Juce’s default font has them.

“The aesthetics text generator is an extremely useful text creator. It is also very simple to use considering that all you have to do is type in any text you want and you’ll get an aesthetic version of your text right in front of your eyes instantly.”

Well that’s typography solved then :slight_smile:

Ooh! I’ve been looking for something like Futura Medium… too bad it’s so expensive for app use. Seems that google fonts has some passable alternatives though:

Hi there. As UI designer myself, generally I would suggest using sans serif fonts.

For small text (min 10pt) should be used font that is designed for body text, like Roboto, Open Sans, Lato etc. For larger type you can use some boldier fonts with more character. From Google Fonts Montserrat works great. Especially black and bold weight. But it depends on the mood you want to achieve. Btw I believe that for best results design should be a job for designer and code for devs :slight_smile: