Best practice passing PropertiesFile pointer around Components

I've just started using the PropertiesFile class in my app, and want to share settings among components. 

I am thinking of warpping it in a class that inherits ReferenceCountedObject so can safely pass a pointer around.

I'm planning to initialise it in MainContentComponent and then pass the pointer along as a constructor argument when subcomponents are created. This is how I'm currently sharing other objects across components. 

Is this good practice or is there a more suitable method? 


if you don't mind c++11, my advice is to use std::shared_ptr

Personally, for a singleton type object like a PropertiesFile I would use a SharedResourcePointer. Just keep one alive in your JUCEApplication subclass and then create one whenever you need it. This saves storing and passing reference counted pointers around. 

Thanks guys will check out the shared pointers... dont mind C++11 at all its got some nice neat stuff !

For anyone else wanting to do this, I've just found the code in Introjucer that allows Components and other classes to reference the main app class:


class MyApp : public JUCEApplication



    static MyApp& getApp()


        MyApp* const app = dynamic_cast<MyApp*> (JUCEApplication::getInstance());

        jassert (app != nullptr);

        return *app;





I also reorganised the code like the Introjucer, putting the contents of Main.cpp into Application.h, apart from the last line which is then the only thing in Main.cpp:

#include "Application.h"


This allows including the header in other classes so they can access the shared pointers in the JUCEApplication instance. 

I think it would be good to have a project template like this as I guess its a common pattern... as soon as you want multiple views/components sharing data, having everything going on in MainContentComponent doesnt make sense..