BinaryBuilder for mac?

The Juce homepage says that the BinaryBuilder application is Win32 only, but mentions “you could easily build it for the mac as well”. Has anyone done this? I’ll have a go at it, but I don’t want to duplicate work that others might have done already.

i have made a small app with juce that is a resource builder with an interface where you can save a resource project with all your resources and retrigger the export every time your app recompiles (in pre build step)… i don’t have time to support it for mac, but i would like to have a compiled binary for mac also. if you have time to make it work under mac it would be gr8.
the link is resbuilder

I am new here, and just found out about Juce. A project I am interest in was built using Juce, it is an enhancement software for the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedalboard. Anyway, I am trying to get it compiled on Mac OS X and having lots of issues. But, back on topic. . .

When I try to build BinaryBuilder on my machine I get many occurrences of this error:

invalid cast from type ‘const juce::String’ to type ‘const char*’

A sample line in the code is:

    std::cout << "Adding " << (const char*) name << ": "
              << (int) mb.getSize() << " bytes" << std::endl;

Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with C++, and can not figure this out. But I saw this topic about BinaryBuilder for mac, and thought I would add the note anyway.

Sorry - looks like the BB code is a bit out-of-date. It’s a trivial fix - just need to remove the casts altogether, as a String can be piped directly to a std::ostream now. I’ll tart it up and post a new version shortly…

I just built BB from top of tree (using GIT) on the mac. Builds fine.
The 1.5 version builds without any problems too.