BinaryBuilder vs bundling images?

I'm using BinaryBuilder to convert a few images in my plugin to use inside the code. There are around 10 images, but the resulting cpp is a whopping 163,000+ lines and pretty much brings XCode to a halt. Obviously this doesn't seem to be the best route to go, so is there any other alternative other than just bundling the images with my eventual plugin installer?

The binarybuilder app is pretty old now, but if you use the introjucer's binary building functionality, it'll split large blocks of data up into multiple cpp files of a more manageable size.

Any chance that we could get a switch to force this behavior even for "smaller" files? It would be nice to reduce the amount of data in my files to make minimap navigation easier.

Well, the introjucer's open-source.. feel free to hack it to do whatever you need!

Hi trickyflemming,

On the Project Settings page in the introducer there is an option called "BinaryData.cpp size limit". I'm not sure if that's really what your looking for, but maybe it helps.

I guess you could just dive straight in with the linker if you waved the magic wand in the correct direction.  

You can just objcopy to make your binary file straight into an object file, and link it.  It's horribly platform specific though....

Damn! More and more often these days I find myself saying we should implement features that already exist, but which I've forgotten about!

Jules - can you tell me a little more about the 'binary building' functionality of the IntroJucer? I tried browsing through it cursorily but couldn't find any such options? Thanks

There's not much to tell, it's pretty straightforward.. Any non-source files that you add to the project get turned into binary literals in the BinaryData class. Have a look at the BinaryData.h files in the demo projects for examples.