BinaryData.h and .cpp - what are they? how to use them?

Trying to edit BinaryData.h, well i did, to replace cello_wav and cello_wavSize with two things of my own. but do i have to change something in the .cpp file too?

am i supposed to be generating binary data? how? the .cpp is all numbers of arrays.

and also what does cello_wavSize’s value represent? size in kb? bytes? bits? length in msec?

what’s the purpose of the BinaryData namespace anyway? will i need it if i were to make a program similar to the demo?

they’re files created by BinaryBuilder - a juce built tool for converting binary data into source code, allowing you to embed files in your application. The files you want to embed are converted into those arrays; the sizes of the arrays are stored in the size variables. And the namespace is there to keep it all neat.

Just grab it from the juce downloads on the main site. It’s pretty self explanatory (it’s a command line tool though, so you’ll want to try it out using a command line, e.g. Start->Run->CMD)

ahh ok, i was editing the BinaryData.h file by hand and changing all instances of cello_wav to my file name :stuck_out_tongue: thanks :slight_smile:

can’t seem to build it, anyone know the linker setting to get rid of this? _malloc already defined in LIBCMT.lib(malloc.obj)


ahhh cool :slight_smile: i’ll definately have to remember this gadget!!:twisted: