Blank area when resizing window using OpenGL rendering

JUCE version is current (pulled this morning from git repo). There are large white rectangles on the right and bottom sides of the window when it is being resized. Window contents doesn’t update smoothly as it happens with software renderer but JUCE only renders initial and final state of the window. Here is how it looks like:

Is it designed to behave this way?

It’s not deliberately designed that way of course, but while OSX is animating the window, the GL thread clearly isn’t fast enough to keep up with it. Each resize will require allocating a new framebuffer and rendering it, on a different thread, so it probably just isn’t getting chance to run.

Thanks for the reply Jules! Does it mean that GL rendering is slower compared to software rendering or Quartz rendering? Or the problem is second-thread rendering mechanism involved?

Yeah, GL rendering isn’t slow, but it does happen on a different thread, so there’s plenty of scope for the thread scheduler to get in the way.