Bonjour on iOS - NSLocalNetworkUsageDescription

I’m trying to use Bonjour on iOS with iOS 14.

Is there a trick to get a Juce based iOS application to enable Bonjour support?

I’ve added the NSLocalNetworkUsageDescription key/string to my Info-App.plist but the iOS app does not trigger the permissions dialog when the app is launched.

I also do not see the app listed in the iOS System - Privacy - Local Network list (not surprising since the app is not posting the dialog requesting permission.).

Side note, ProJucer 7.0.2 does not provide this option in the various entitlements list.

Side note, I see the Networking Multicast Capability in ProJucer but from my understanding this is not needed for Bonjour support.

Following up on this…

The trick was to add the NSBonjourServices to the plist.

The information can be found here…